Parents, Therapist and Teachers can take advantage of inspiring discounts to profit or stay within a budget when purchasing Sign Language Products for their home, school or office.

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Adhesive Labeling Kits

baby signing sign language labels: more american basic
* ASL Home * ASL School
* ASL Preschool

Our innovative home labels are an excellent starting point for a person beginning to sign.
They teach common signs around the house.
These labels are also a wonderful pre-reading tool.
After you label your facility a child can go from room to room and "read" the labels long before true reading develops.

ASL Magnets

baby signing sign language placemat: more american basic
* ASL Basic Signs
* ASL Alphabet

We carry two different sets, the ASL Alphabet magnets and the Basic ASL Signs Magnets. Both are designed to be completely functional and effective but mostly they're a great way to "chill out and have some fun"! They serve as a constant reminder to sign with your child or for children to explore and play with signs and letters. You will enjoy mixing words, letters and signs together as they learn ASL the fun way.

ASL Printables

asl labels: flash cards american basic * Printable ASL Home Labeling Kit:
* Includes 30 asl labels for your: Kitchen, Bedroom and Bath...

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